Poverty In Eastbourne
Poverty In Eastbourne

Take Two produced a series of films centered on several services that provide for homeless and economically vulnerable people in the town of Eastbourne, East Sussex.

These films consisted of interview vignettes with the service staff along with background footage of the services themselves. A common problem found by the caring and hard working people within these organisations was that many people simply don't know what help is available and where to go for each individual need they may have, whether that be access to food or a place to sleep.

With that in mind, what is shown above is a collective edit of all the films cut together along with additional material included to better represent a more complete picture of the good work being done by many people, often for free, for the good of the wider community.

This complete work was shown at a local screening that took place at The Underground Theatre on June 20th 2015. Amoung those in a packed attendance which included many of the service workers and interested citizens were the Eastbourne Mayor and Leader of the Councill, David Tutt.

After the film was shown a Q&A was held by the filmakers. As a direct result of that, many service providers were able to directly address some of the concerns they had about the disjointed nature of Eastbourne homeless care with those who help shape policy. This single event brought together church leaders, service providers, citizens and politicians to have an open and frank conversation about the problems facing our community.

Because of this, one of the main problems identified in the films was confronted, a major success for the people who work tirelessly towards making Eastbourne a more solid community and the people that depend on said services.

This edit has been made publically available and has already aquired nearly 1000 hits on YouTube. All the service providers are free to use their individual tailored films or the single piece to help promote their work and spread the message of greater intigration between care providers.

If you are affected by any of the issues present in the film, please get in contact with any of the following parties:

Paul Downes - The Shinewater Shaftesbury Center

Peter Thorley - Matthew 25 Mission

David Barratt - Winter Night Shelter

Howard Wardle - Eastbourne Foodbank

Eastbourne Borough Council

Eastbourne and Wealden YMCA

Families For Autism Logo
Families For Autism

Take Two Productions has produced a film for a local charity, Families For Autism.

FFA provide support services for the families of children and young adults suffering with Autism, and other conditions within the Autistic spectrum.

Running weekend sessions, FFA provide invaluable respite for parents and carers, as well as crucial social interaction for the children, something not always readily available in day-to-day school / social life.

We were astounded by the tireless work that they do and felt compelled to produce something promoting their excellent work, both through their website as well as providing a visual dialogue for people. Take Two Productions feels honoured and incredibly fortunate to have worked with such a vital community programme, and hope that our efforts can help them achieve even more.



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